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There are only two rats that are found in Cheadle Rat Control.

Common Rat - This rat is also known in Cheadle as the Brown Rat or the Norway Rat this rat is very common in Cheadle incress in rat control infestation treatments are on the up.

Ship Rat - In Cheadle this rat is also known as the black rat its not that common in Cheadle but usually found in airports and around ports.

Common signs of a Cheadle Rat infestation - (apart from seeing a rat)

Smear makes - normaly found on rat runs (paths the rats takes on a daily basis)
Droppings - Rat droppings are about the size of a jelly bean.

Other common sings of a Cheadle rat infestation are nesting sites, rat gnawing damage or holes and some people hear a scuttling under the floorboards or in the cellings.

Rats can carry disease -

Apart from the rat caused the spread of the bubonic plague they also carry a number of other diseases which can be fatal.


As if that’s not enough, they can cause fires by chewing through electrical cables. If you suspect you have a rat infestation you really should take action quickly.


Rat Damage


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If you think you have rats and need a treatment give us a call 0845 508 3119 were open 24 hours a day and servern days a week and always able to give advice on Cheadle rat treatments

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